This hack has a very high difficulty level, so I'm assuming that if you can't succeed in beating the original Contra with ease, this one will be hard as Hell. For the veterans, that should be exactly the challenge you are looking for. Enemies react faster and attack more aggressively. Faster bullets. Many enemies have more hit points. Some enemies have new attacks and move differently...

Eventually, I plan to add multiple difficulty levels to the game, starting very easy, and becoming progressively harder as you beat the game repeatedly...

Note that the different downloads are the result of a cumulative work. This means you can't download a single level. The gap between hack 4 and hack 5 is because I bumped into a free space problem. There is a limited number of bytes I can use to store the new levels in the ROM. Since the levels in my hack are a lot longer than in the original game, they take more space, obviously. After level 4, there were very few unused bytes left in the ROM, so I had to use a new ROM where you start directly at level 5. In the meanwhile, if I can find a way to expand the ROM, the final hack will be a single ROM. If not, then the hack itself will have 2 "episodes" of 4 levels each...

Comments and questions are welcome. Use the email address at the top right corner of the page...

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